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Comment Wall (10 comments)

At 9:09pm on November 8, 2012, Abby said…

Thank you!!!! Great job here :)

At 4:54pm on November 15, 2012, Drew Albright said…

Your videos are already blowing my mind! You are a genius!

At 9:51pm on November 18, 2012, Melanie Akerley said…

Thank you Angie, have a great week! :) xoxo

At 10:00pm on December 23, 2012, David Neri said…

Thanks Angie

At 7:23pm on January 30, 2013, Carlos Crespo said…

Hello I'm Carlos Crespo, I'm a singer song writer and music composer.just joined the site so I'm kinda figuring this out as I go. I'm interested in working with any project that need music scores. or main title, ending, ect. I also Play in a live Band called D/EFFEkTOR just in case live music was ever needed that can also be arranged.

                                          Thank you    

                                         Carlos Crespo                                                                  

At 8:59pm on February 1, 2013, Dmitry Zhitiov said…

Thank you Angie!!! Pleasure is mine!!! 

At 10:30am on February 3, 2013, Jill The Great said…

Bo Bangie is there a certain way you want the photo to be? My friend is a make up artist, can she put some fact blood on my face?

At 4:46pm on February 4, 2013, Bad Seeds The Movie said…

tell your friend that she should join the page. We just need a photo with you and your shirt you can point to the name or stand on your head I dont care just need a photo of you in your shirt

At 2:49pm on February 5, 2013, Cole McDonald said…

Yes she has, exciting stuff!  We're currently working on figuring out how to put spaces in the title for the pages here.  I found this, and she said you setup the pages, so this should be stuff you have access to:

At 4:57pm on September 4, 2015, David vowell said…

I don't care about the pics, I was a little concerned that they would show up everywhere so taking them down is fine with me. If you need to take down my profile picture that's fine as well but before you do blow it up as much as you can and look at what appears to be a lightning strike right in front of me as I took the picture. I can't tell if that was a lens flare or not but I was surprised to see it later on

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Use a desktop,laptop or tablet to see everything

Every team member on this project works in aviation by day; that is how we all know each other and it is how we fund this film. We utilize social media to interact with our growing audience and we use the feedback we get to build the film the way the audience sees fit. Every week we create another small piece of the film and our viewers determine its fate. We are self funded but crowd powered. Follow us all the way to the theater.

How the movie will look

How it works

In a nut shell

In the middle and picking up speed

Prototype camera rig designed and constructed by Liza Trainer

See its first tests.

test video

Steady Shoes test video

New prototype

Items that will be sold

Liza Trainer's design for an all terrain scout vehicle. This little baby would be able to self level using a gyro and hydraulics. This is in the future so the hydraulics would be very fast and light weight. The cockpit would be on a gimbal so it has unlimited mobility. Please subscribe to us on youtube and follow us all the way to the theater.


How the Jackal was made

Wardrobe concept by Liza Trainer.

The store will be open soon so just hang on.

To find out whats happening in real time look for us here on: Live Leak  We post 90% of our project here.  For more info you can find Liza Trainer here: Facebook

We all work full-time jobs so we are doing the best we can one chunk at a time.

Please show you support and like us on:

Bad Seeds Facebook

Thank you and every time you share this project we get stronger.

Liza Trainers old designses

Camera rigs designed for shooting the behind the scenes of Bad Seeds the movie.

These are light weight and have an unlimited grip area. They give an amazingly stable shot hand held. DSLRs fit this as well and you can pull focus on the fly.

Halloween and Cosplay will be a blast for us.

Concept by liza Trainer

How the voting works.

Here is how the jet bike for the movie was picked: I made 3 miniatures for the viewers to pick from.

C was the winner. We do this using all types of social media. The entire project is being made this way. We are not on a time schedule. This project is being made in real time. Subscribe and like us on: Facebook Follow us on our journey.

Voting can be found here:

Liza's Live Leak channel

Liza's Youtube channel

Liza's Facebook page

Every time you share this project we get stronger. Thank you for all your support.

The Growth of Bad Seeds

     In 2012, the idea and story for Bad Seeds began developing in a small indie studio in Ft Lauderdale. The creator of Bad Seeds, Liza Trainer, decided not to pursue the typical process of production and decided to invent a completely new method of filming: one that gave the audience direct involvement with the film. A small retinue of people, from all walks of life, came together in support of this idea and Bad Seeds was conceived. In fact, most of the crew came from a history in aviation, including Liza herself. Liza has an affinity for the media streaming sites that have connected people from across the globe and has been a regular contributor. She thrives on pushing the envelope and enjoys nothing more than lighting a fire in the heart of any viewer caught in her creative snare. Liza’s Liveleak account, originally opened in 2007, has garnered considerable attention and swelled to over nine million views. Viewers regularly cast their votes on videos and state their preferences on various aspects of the film, including the merchandise we provide. Bad Seeds has been funded completely out of pocket. All of the filming equipment has been modified or constructed by hand, in house. Some of these are even designed from aircraft parts/materials, creating truly unique tools to aid the pursuit of our unified goal. In a world where people spend hours on sites like YouTube or LiveLeak and have their own stage on their Vine or Instagram, indie is becoming a way of life. This is a day and age when even the pope has his own twitter. The Bad Seeds team is exploring uncharted ground. Bad Seeds is giving its audience a reason to care. Bad Seeds pushes the envelope with resourcefulness and ingenuity. Bad Seeds has taken unconventional …and welded articulated robot legs to it.

Keep an eye on the numbers take a look back later today.

Here is a link to see it in real time.

Liza's Live Leak channel.

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